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E-Max Crowns

TREATMENT DURATION: 2-4 days ( depends on the number of teeth)

E.max® crowns are another highly popular choice when it comes to dentists preferred crowns. Not only are e.max® crowns durable and long lasting, but they also exhibit aesthetic qualities in their tooth-like appearance.

Our e.max® crowns are made from a ingot of lithium disilicate ceramic, which is a tough and durable material, built to last. It is important to highlight that e.max® dental crowns are almost indestructible and they effectively replicate the look and feel of a real tooth, making it a frequent choice with dentists and clinicians.


What are the advantages of E-max Crowns?

1-The main benefit of e.max® crowns is that they are considered to be one of the most life like materials to use for a crown, bearing a striking resemblance to a natural tooth. This is most notably due to its translucency and the ability to colour match it to all shades of teeth.

2-E.max® crowns and other e.max® products are probably the most renowned for their ability to resist chipping. Unlike porcelain and even zirconia, to a lesser extent, which can be known to fracture or crack from time to time.

3- There is no unsightly metal base visible that can give your gums a grey tingle around the gum line. This is always a benefit to patients who may need a crown placed near the front of their smile.

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